VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Single Ladies Comes To A Dramatic End

Last week marked the series finale of VH1’s first scripted series, Single Ladies. The final episode left us with many questions about what would happen between Keisha and Malcolm and if April and Sergio really got married. On Basketball Wives LA, a relaxing trip to Palm Springs turned into a nightmare when a fight between Sundy and Draya turned physical. Check out highlights from this past week on VH1.

Single Ladies: April Wakes Up Married To Sergio

The series finale of Single Ladies left us on the edge of our seats with a handful of loose ends. We were happy to see Raquel give Terrence a second chance at their relationship. Considering how shady Malcolm had been all season, we weren’t completely surprised when Naomi popped up with new information regarding their relationship which caused Keisha to walk out on Malcolm during their engagement party. However, the biggest shock of the finale was April waking up married Sergio! After Felicia sent April to find Sergio and confirm that he is staying with Price Management, April and Sergio had a few too many drinks and ended up getting kicked out of Sergio’s resort; one thing led to another and April wakes up with a ring on her finger! Now, it’s left up to our imaginations to decide what happened next.

Basketball Wives LA: Sundy Comes For Revenge

Ever since we learned that Sundy knew Draya back when she stripped under the name “Miami”, we knew there would be some kind of confrontation between them. During the ladies’ relaxing trip to Palm Springs, Jackie stirs up trouble when she tells Sundy that Draya called her ratchet under her breath. One thing leads to another and the argument turns physical when Draya swings and hits Sundy smack in the eye. Shortly after, Jackie begins to comfort Draya and suggests that she and Sundy talk to one another and try to come to a mutual understanding. When Jackie calls Sundy over to talk with Draya, Sundy uses the opportunity to get her revenge.

Was Sundy wrong to attack Draya in retaliation? What will happen to April and Sergio?

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