Mendeecees Is A Free Man! Yandy Bails Out Her Boo

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Yandy Smith can probably breathe a little easier these days now that Mendeecees Harris, her fiance and the father of her son, has been released from jail on $600,000 bond. Yandy agreed to shell out $200k of that to make sure her man came home safely — you know she’s all about those checks, so it’s a good thing she has some saved up.

Yandy released the following statement on her website,

We have been anticipating him getting bail for a while. As you know from the show, every time I got excited, circumstances came up and threw a wrench in the plan. So this time, I did not get excited until I heard the judge say all the terms were excepted and bail was granted.

From the photos she’s been posting to Instagram all morning, it goes without saying that she and their sons are ecstatic to have Mendeecees home. For more about how Yandy has handled Mendeecees’ legal troubles and incarceration, check out this exclusive interview we conducted with her last year on the situation.

[Photos: Instagram]