Basketball Wives LA Episode 8 Sneak Peek: We Do Pop-Ups Too!

It’s all about clearing the good name! Last week Jackie and Draya met for a drink but what Draya didn’t know was that Jackie invited Chantel to show up so that she could clear her name in regards to the Orlando scandal. On this week’s on Basketball Wives LA, Draya and Orlando are the ones making the surprise appearances. Orlando wants to clear his name and Draya feels betrayed by the way Jackie sneak attacked her with Chani so they show up where the ladies are hanging out. Draya says,

“Everyone had their chance to talk. Now it’s my man’s turn.”

But things don’t stay calm when Orlando says he never even spoke Chantel’s name. Jackie gets heated up saying that Draya said Orlando was the one talking to Chani not his friend when she was crying in her lap in Palm Springs. Everyone just wants to protect their rep and it looks like things are getting real.

Find out what happens next on Basketball Wives LA  on Monday night at 8 PM ET/ST