Golden Showers, Again! Check The Top SMDH Moments From Basketball Wives LA Episode 8

Picking up where the pop-ups left off, Draya and Chantel are getting into it while Jackie is (literally) sitting in the middle. Jackie says she doesn’t want to be involved in all of this she just wanted to give both women the opportunity to clarify things. SMH. Chantel wants to clear her name and asks why Draya had her name in her mouth.

“Your mother made you a topic,” Draya responds.

Orlando made me a topic,” throws back Chantel.

Draya confesses she doesn’t really want to argue with Chantel in front of Jackie but then is all I guess I can,

“I did tell your mom you had some football player’s[expletive] in your [expletive].”

Draya thinks Chantel seems really upset that she is with Orlando and Chantel thinks Draya is a “petty bitch.”

Nothing is resolved. Jackie says the issue is not over. Later Chantel just can’t understand why her mom wants to be friends with Draya and the other girls still saying, “How many times do you have to be burned in order for you to be like, ’[expletive]the stove is hot!’ Maybe I should stop touching it.”

Back at the cognac-making headquarters, Jackie and Sundy are meeting with the men who are helping making Jackie’s new line of brandy happen. They are discussing potential names. Jackie’s thinking: JackNac, Golden Showers, Brown Boy. Lawd, SMDH.

“No, Jackie. Everything is just a ‘no.’”

“No, none of those?” Jackie asks.

Eventually, Jackie’s convinced that maybe she would be better off with a more traditional name like…Jackie Christie. Jackie approves of this.

“Nice ring to it! Let’s go with that.”

The ladies then find out that they’re going on a trip to France. And Jackie’s allowed to bring whomever she wants. They’re headed to Cognac, France where the facility is that the Jackie’s blend is being made. Later on she’ll invite Brittish, Malaysia, Brandi (but not officially Draya yet) to the Cognac region of France (she keeps saying Paris, tho!) Oh heavens, SMDH.

But drama-drama-drama comes to a head when Draya and Orlando pull their own pop-up on Jackie and Chantel. Orlando just wants to clear his name and says that Chani had things twisted. It wasn’t him she messed with and he wants to hear her say it. Chantel gets defensive instantly and Draya notices her taking off her earrings and rings. SMH. Jackie (remember she didn’t want to be in the middle y’all?) says that whatever did or didn’t happened with the other unnamed football player is irrelevant. She wants to talk about the messages Orlando was sending her daughter.

Orlando starts getting frustrated with Jackie saying that she thinks she’s the “Queen of LA” – Jackie responds,

“I am the motherf—ing queen. Oh, yes I am. You are a no body. Kiss my ass, ugly, ugly motherf—-er!”

Orlando brings the storm on though when he says to Jackie,

“You aren’t my f—ing mom!”

And Jackie gone and lost it.

Lawd help, Orlando. SMDH.