Jackie Christie’s Recap Of This Week’s Basketball Wives LA: “Invisible Smashed Homies”

During this season of Basketball Wives LA, the VH1 Blog is happy to have Jackie Christie guest blogging her thoughts to every episode of the show. This week, Jackie discusses her excitement about heading to Paris, and the “invisa-homie” that Draya and Orlando keep referring to in the Chantel situation. Regardless of whose side you’re on here, let’s all start using “invisa-homie” regularly because it’s the best term ever.

Where do I even begin?

Let’s just say I was so glad the whole Draya and Chani meeting was over, and although I felt it could have gone much better. At least Chani was able to get everything off her chest regarding the lies that were circulating around about her from Draya, that included whether Orlando was calling and trying to date or not?!? It was chaos and then some and had gotten so heated, name-calling ensued and I needed to step in to calm things down as best I could. Well, just before Chani called her one more “B” and decided to walk out on the whole thing. But I knew she was pleased that Draya confirmed yet again that she was aware Orlando was calling/texting Chani, that whole debacle was crazy and it even included an invisible smashed “homie”!?! Yeah, I know right?

Rodeo Drive on a beautiful LA day is always a great choice! And besides, I needed to catch up with Chani after the meeting with Draya. I was curious about her thoughts and wanted to be sure she was okay. Needless to say, it quickly went left once Chani began telling me her viewpoint and how she felt, which was that I did not side with her. I quickly explained to her was not true! Once she accepted it, we decided to put it past us and move on!

So Sundy and I arrived at DUPLEX resturant, one of Doug’s and my favorites, to meet with Hakop and Rick regarding my cognac. I was nervous as heck to share the names I had come up with for my signature brand and which were, to say the least, vetoed almost immediately! I couldn’t understand why! GOLDEN SHOWERS was a great name, I thought, and JACNAC as well!  But I was pleasantly surprised once I got past the obvious rejection to hear their
idea of just calling it my namesake. I loved it and decided to keep it clean and go with that, so JACKIE CHRISTIE would be my new brand of cognac!

But they were not done yet, not by any means. Hakop suddenly began to explain that he was inviting me to Paris, France and I could invite anyone I wanted to come! Sundy screamed with joy, I almost choked, and my wheels were already spinning on who to invite!

Aww, roses and more roses!

So beautiful, my hubby had to be up to something, to cover the entire floor in my fave flower! Then he drops the bomb! He got a call from Malaysia the country! Not the person! They wanted him to come and play a game as he does that regularly, but in the US so this was different, and he wanted to take our son Lil’ Dougie along and I wasn’t feeling that, but was willing to think about it! And besides, I had some big news of my own in fact, I was going to France! So the debate between us   began, lol! And the whole wee wee, woo woo! They’re going to love me in Paris! Doug teased, he was not going to let me live it down,  I was a bit concerned about his trip overseas, but we kissed and decided to discuss it later on.

Meeting with the girls to invite them to go the Paris was over the top! They screamed and made me pinky promise we wouldn’t have drama. OK! I wasn’t sure what to think as the group as a whole was still a bit at odds, but hey, maybe it would be just what we needed! So Paris, France, here we come!

Pop Goes The Weasel!! or Maybe not!:-)

I have always heard about men getting into women’s misunderstandings but until the actual moment Draya and her boo came up and tried to do an ambush pop up, I would never have believed it! This was Hell on earth, and the saying “never mess with a lion and her cubs” is true! I was in rare form when I heard his opening remarks, but I tried to just relax, breathe, and hear them out. It was obvious they went to extreme lengths to come find us and bounce into our family time while we were sharing my great news regarding Paris!!! Oh, no, not a good time at all! But heck, they were determined. They had to come hard core to straighten some stuff out!They wanted blood! I found it humorous at first but then he wanted to know why I HAD HIS NAME IN MY MOUTH?!?  Not!!! Chani and I just wanted closure and clearance, and we got both even if the yelling and screaming was overbearing at times, and you only seen some of the answers. It still remained who was the one calling/texting Chani?!? Period. Oh, and stop with the “invisa-homie.”

Hold on to your seat & STAY TUNED FOR MUCH MORE TO COME!

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