The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Jackie Christie

Jackie Christie is known for her larger than life personality and being the ringleader on Basketball Wives LA. We know that Miss Thing is a business woman, that she and her husband, Doug Christie like to fantasize and that she loves her cognac. But did you know she’s got a multipurpose bag, a swear jar and knows her way around the legal system? We’ve got some surprising facts about Jackie, so check out our list of 9 Things You Never Knew to find out her best advice, who told her she shines bright like a diamond and which Oscar winner she’s crushing on!

Read on for a refresher on just who Jackie Christie is and what she’s been getting into this season.

Who is Jackie Christie?

Jackie tells Draya what went down between her daughter and Orlando.

Jackie is developing her own line of cognac and considers the name Golden Showers.