What Is So Perverted It Has Jackie Christie Blushing?!

Jackie Christie has been rather open about her sexuality and how she Doug are adventurous (she fantasizes about Ben Affleck, remember?) but on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives LA she is blushing over some dong! Sundy, Brittish and Jackie take an art class in France and are doing some figure drawing with a nude male model. Sundy, who is an amateur artist, is absolutely living for the class and can’t keep her eyes of the model’s manhood. Meanwhile Brittish is trying to take in the French culture with an open mind but Jackie is downright flustered.

“That is too much. It’s like sex on steroids. That’s too much!”

LOL. We love it! See how Jackie’s drawing turns out on an all new Basketball Wives LA on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT.