See What We Are Shaking Our Damn Heads At Tonight On Basketball Wives LA

Oui, oui the drama is turnt up this week on Basketball Wives LA (big surprise!) and almost immediately Draya tells Malaysia to look into her eyes because she is not going on any Jackie Christie vacation – and she doesn’t! The other ladies head to France to celebrate Jackie’s cognac line and a whole lot of garbage comes up. We’ve skimmed the top for the best shaking our damn head moments for you. Grab a a seat, a croissant and relive the tré dramatic night all over again.

Once in Paris, Malaysia and Brandi decide they want to visit Lover’s Bridge to put lockets representing their respective marriages but also their friendships. Meanwhile Jackie, Sundy and Brittish go on a mini cruise to see the sights. For some reason, while the ladies are on their boat tour they are absolutely stunned to see the other ladies on the bridge above them. They start waving and trying to take pictures but Brandi and Malaysia are having no parts.

“The trash is in the boat,” they laugh while flipping off the ladies beneath them.

Brittish is confused (and frankly seems annoyed to be getting stuck with Sundy and Jackie) and says she was excited to see the ladies and was waving.


Later on Sundy decides to take Jackie and Brittish to an art class to experience some French culture. When they get to their class they are surprised to see a nude male model for them to draw. Jackie (you know how kinky homegirl gets, right?) is so thrown. She can’t. He is too big and Doug would not approve. She is absolutely blushing, hiding behind her canvas. Sundy is all about it. She’s very artistic, in case you didn’t know, and she can’t keep her eyes off the man’s junk. Jackie says he has a horse-sized penis while Sundy admits she thought it was a little sausage.


Things get real back at a group lunch that Brittish organized. Jackie wants to know what the other ladies are ordering so she can copy.

Malaysa: I’m ordering the pigeon.

Jackie: You’re ordering the kitchen?

Malaysia: The pigeon.

Brittish: Where do they get the pigeon though?

Jackie: From outside.

Oh, child. Then Jackie apropos of nothing asks Malaysia if she really thinks of herself as being friends with both she and Draya. Then she starts asking what qualifies a good friend verse a really close friend. Then Brandi gets involved and Jackie says she’s a rat and she’s had enough. Brandi is all,

“Jackie’s full of shit. She needs an enema.”

Jackie tells Brandi to cool it with her “bitch ass comments” and Brandi goes wild saying that she does not pull the bitch-card. Things escalate and Brandi says Jackie is such an instigator. And Jackie gone and lost it,

“I am not. I’m not, I’m not, you are. You are, you are, you are.”

Malaysia pulls Brandi away and they gather their things but not before Malaysia tells Jackie that she is through with her shit and her stirring the pot every damn day.


What do you think? Are the Malaysia and Jackie really through? When’s Draya going to come back? Have Sundy and Brittish turned over a new leaf?