This Is Hot 97 Star Miss Info: Plenty Of Substance, Loads Of Style

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We all know that journalist and on-air personality Minya Oh — better known as Miss Info on Hot 97 — is all about that journalism life. But when you meet the This Is Hot 97 star in person, you quickly realize that she’s also got quite a bit of style in addition to all that substance. “I think that I’m already a clothing addict,” she explained. “I love clothes and nails and nail art and shoes and makeup, so [being on a show] is not actually that different for me, I’ll still do the same combination of high and low fashion.”

One thing she’s not into though is having a different look for every scene she’s in — TV will not dictate her wardrobe. “I adamantly will say ’I am still wearing the same clothes multiple times in a week. I’m gonna wear a dress, and then I’m gonna wear that dress again!’ I think that it’s refreshing for some people to see we’re not going to the grocery store in full makeup and clear heels. No.” We thank her for that.

We were taken by her casual-cool fashion sense and yes, her amaaazing Easter egg-like nails and we had to get some photos, so check out Miss Info’s style in our gallery and tune in to This Is Hot 97 Mondays at 10:30PM ET/PT!

[Photos: Jennifer Marigliano/VH1]