Jackie Christie Recaps This Week’s Basketball Wives LA: “I Did Not Want No INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT”!

During this season of Basketball Wives LA, the VH1 Blog is happy to have Jackie Christie guest blogging her thoughts to every episode of the show. In her recap, Jackie discusses the Paris trip and all the negativity aimed at her (and her outfit) this week. She’s a forgiving lady, but in this case, the girls went a lock bridge too far.

When in Paris!!!

Asking all the girls to join me in Paris was a huge thing for me knowing that one might not accept the invite! And of course I was correct, she chose to pass…which I must say, was not at all a bad thing. 😉 Although I did have times when I wished we all could have gone and experienced such an amazing beautiful and sexy city! Paris checks all the boxes for me and was a dream come true to be able to go there for the first time! Especially to launch my new signature brand of cognac!

The long flight over was also new for me never having flown more than 6 hours, so flying 14 plus was a very new experience that I would gladly do again! The seats are huge and comfortable and the food amazing in flight, as well as the drinks that flow like a water fountain and the entertainment (movies, games and more) were also great! If you ever get a chance to go…do it! Well worth it I promise!

So we arrive in Paris and seeing the city as we went to our hotel was great! I couldn’t believe how beautiful the churches and buildings were along the way. And the city center was so pretty! All the people rushed about with a much slower pace, it seemed, than we do here in the US, but they were still busy going to and fro. I just sat back and took it all in! “Amazing,” I thought to myself feeling so excited to get to the hotel and put my things away to hit the city.

And that’s just what we did! We pulled up out from of the Millennium Paris Hotel and we got out of the vehicle to go in, I couldn’t help but yell out… “We are in Paris! Paris! Paris!” as well as do a little dance. Heck, I only dreamed of this a thousand times leading up to actually doing it! I was not going to miss the chance to mark my territory! 😉

Sitting down in the lounge area with all the girls was amusing to say the least, as I really just wanted to enjoy our trip and discussing who came and who didn’t was not at the top of my to-do list while in Paris! But lo and behold, during the small talk, (for lack of a better word) I was asked to just cut the sh*t and tell the girls that I knew why we were missing one. Of course I really didn’t know?!? LOL But they did, and Malaysia proceeded to inform me and the others that it was due to Chantel and the other girls argument over her boyfriend. Oh! OK? “I get it,” I thought, now can we move forward with my trip please? And thank you!

First up, we felt it would be good to go take a boat ride and of course I was down for that, I just needed to see Paris and as much as I could with every waking moment!
So off we went…Awesome would not be enough to explain the beauty and splendor of the ride!

We were serenaded by an amazing Parisian that sang so sweetly to us that it made me think of my hubby and get misty-eyed that he was not able to make it out for the trip
as he took Dougie Jr. to Malaysia to play basketball with the guys instead. So our son was also getting a lesson on travel and other cultures.

It was warm yet a tad windy out on the water, but extremely beautiful. It was such a sexy sight to witness! I chose to wear one of my fav skirts, my Burberry skirt that Doug loves! He would have enjoyed the wind blowing it up for little sneak peeks! 😉 Also my black knee high socks, black Burberry booties, and my Signature Jackie Christie black leather and white fur jacket from my clothing line. I loved that outfit! So sexy fun and naughty yet still very Paris, all wrapped up in one! PS the striped hat was Doug’s gift to me to take on my trip!

We were truly having a blast until…what to my wondering eyes should appear?!?! But the other two ladies, Malaysia and Brandi on the lock bridge! Someone called out “There they are!” I thought “Who where what?” I finally realized it was them, no doubt, and they were smiling and waving and smiling and waving and they had something in their hands, and I thought “Oh no, what is it? Let me snap a picture!” Then it dawned on me and Brittish and Sundy that they were flipping us off! At that point I thought “OK! You guy’s give it, we give it back!” But of course it was all in good fun!

I truly am a forgiving woman with a huge sense of humor, so hearing their jarring comments on last night’s episode regarding attire etc. and trash on the boat, I could only laugh….that ride was amazing! Food: delicious. Wine: super. The glass walls: off the chain! It was unforgettable, all things considered!

The art class was simply… scary for me. Awesome, I guess, but if having butterflies as big as you are and your heart racing because you’re not quite sure why you’re in the presence of a gigantic nekkid man with hair all over him — that he did take care of and at least tame with body lotion — and a weiner the size of a full grown horse! All the while he has this strange demeanor of “I do this all the time, get used to it” attitude, then I guess we could say it was a good experience…. em!!

Dinner with the group started out fun. It was engaging and I thought the start of us getting to know each other even better, heck we were all the way in Paris trying new foods and cultural experiences…the least we could do was to get along for the sake of it. It was my time to just enjoy the fruits of my labor and after all, I had invited everyone to come along and enjoy it all with me. I felt when the bashing began it was a premeditated character assassination of the worst kind, but I also felt watching it last night on TV I handled it as best as I could considering I did not want no INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT in Paris of all places! lol Word has it there is no tolerance at all there, absolutely not! Also all the insults, accusations and other stuff came out of left field and my natural instinct was to react with sheer abandonment, but I caught myself several times and remembered we all came as friends and would leave as friends… or so I thought….

Hold on to your seat & STAY TUNED FOR MUCH MORE TO COME!

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