Doug Christie’s Got That Dad Swag: The Basketballer’s Best Looks

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Doug Christie is number 13! He had a notable NBA career that spanned 15 years — going everywhere from LA to Orlando to Dallas and back to LA. But on Basketball Wives LA Doug is known for being the goofy, kinky voice of reason to his wife Jackie Christie’s over the top antics. We totally love Doug! So this thing kept happening this season when we’d catch Doug chuckle or roll his eyes at Jackie’s crazy ass — we kept being like “WTF is Doug wearing?” Or “Damn, Doug’s kinda sexy, no?” Or “Check this throwback photo Jackie posted on her Instagram – Doug had hair!” So we’ve decided to indulge our love of Mr. Doug Christie and treat you to some of our favorite goofy-dad-swag looks. Are we just going crazy or do you have mad love for Doug too?

Check out this cut scene from Basketball Wives LA episode 7 to get the full story behind Jackie and Doug’s failed cognac bottle! “The liquor can go into your abs!” SMDH.

[Photos: Instagram/VH1]