Linda Perry Has The World’s Most Romantic Proposal Story

Linda Perry and her wife, Sara Gilbert, having music running through their veins. In fact, it’s so important to them that Linda went out of her way to make her proposal to Sara a musical event to remember, complete with a busker planted in the park performing Sara’s favorite songs, and a very special guest hiding in the wings to sing to Sara when it was all over.

Linda explained to us that when it came time to ask her love to get married, she wanted to make it special. So unbeknownst to Sara, she had a musician play some of Sara’s favorite songs as they sat in a park enjoying a picnic. Once the musician started performing The Cure’s “Love Song,” Sara noticed that everyone else sitting around them in the park began to play instruments — guitars, a horn section, the works — all set up by Linda, who then pulled out a series of t-shirts she made, each one printed with words that ultimately spelled out “Will You Marry Me?”

Linda told us off-camera that the piĆ©ce de resistance in the story (as if that wasn’t beautiful enough as is) was that Sara often talked about how she wanted to play John Waite’s “Missing You” at her wedding, a great song, but a breakup song that wasn’t totally wedding-appropriate. But Linda, whose musical connections are plenty, didn’t want to deny Sara the chance to hear the song, so she asked Waite to be there for the proposal. After all was said and done, he popped out to sing “Missing You” for Sara. Perfection. (And if you haven’t heard the details about their music-filled wedding, get on that.)

Linda brings her musical connections and expertise to Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project this summer on VH1.