Sundy’s Low Blow: Check The Sneak Peek For The Basketball Wives LA Finale

Last week on Basketball Wives LA the ladies hit up France were they took a cruise, visited the Love Lock bridge, saw naked men and, of course, got into it. This week they’re back at it and after Malaysia told Jackie that they were absolutely done, Sundy convinces her to come to brunch and talk it out. Malaysia and Brandi show but they’re decked out in their robes and shades and still sporting their buzz from the night before and refusing to talk about “thangs.” They decide they’re not having it and leave the suite but not before Sundy chases after them and starts fighting dirty – this must have been what Brandi was alluding to on Twitter. Oh lawd, SMDH. Do you think Sundy took it too far?

Find out how the rest goes down on the season finale of Basketball Wives LA on Monday at 8 PM ET/CT.