Meme Mania: The 50 Best Mimi Sex Tape Memes Ever!

Thanks to the big reveal of the sex tape trailer, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi and Nikko are involved in a situation that may be pretty hard to “swing” out of.

Although, Mimi has attempted to hush her critics by alluding to the fact she’s not concerned with the public’s opinions, the ’net has been on fiyah discussing the shock and shame of Mimi, Nikko, and the infamous sex tape prop — the #ShowerRod.

Instagram seems to be finding the situation the most humorous, users creating hundreds and hundreds of memes poking a little fun at Mimi’s misfortune. After a lot of giggling and SMH’ing we’ve compiled the most comprehensive gallery of the 50 best Mimi memes you can find on the net. From Oprah to Batman, Obama to Beyonce check out what we consider to be top 50 Mimi memes ever.

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