B*tches Like That: Top 3 SMDH Moments From Basketball Wives LA Finale

The ladies of Basketball Wives LA are still in Paris without Draya Michele but it ain’t one big happy family, that’s for sure. Malaysia tells Jackie that she is through with her and they are no longer friends before she and Brandi leave the rest of the gals at lunch. Malaysia says when it comes to Jackie: Bye.

Jackie, Sundy and Brittish travel to the cognac region to see Jackie’s finished product and she says she’s glad to be with her real friends but when it comes to Brandi and Malaysia: Bye.

Meanwhile Brittish feels like she’s the middle-woman between these two pairs of ladies and has dinner with Brandi and Malaysia the night before to try and sort through whether or not Malaysia is going to talk to Jackie. But Malaysia says she and Jackie were never really friends and really she’s just…bye.

Later on Sundy convinces Malaysia to come to brunch with them and to try and be cordial with Jackie but when a drunk Brandi and Malaysia roll in they don’t want to talk about ish they just want to hang. When Sundy presses them they end up leaving and taking the orange juice. Jackie says – you’re welcome AKA bye.


In Cognac, Sundy and Brittish toast to Jackie’s success. Brittish tries brandy for the first time and Jackie gives her some advice for drinking it. “Try not to think about how strong it is. Think about when you’re drinking Lorenzo.”

Brittish is all like, WTF. SMDH.

After Brandi and Malaysia leave the suite, Sundy is supremely pissed off and chases after them, well actually just Malaysia and she tells Brandi she’s not looking for her. “You stupid,” she cackles. “You stupid,” Brandi cackles back with, “Your p*ssy’s disgusting.”

Sundy says n-o. It’s you who has the stinky p*ssy. Brandi rattles of a list of what she thinks of Sundy. Sundy tells Brandi to worry about her husband and what he’s doing.

Brandi and Malaysia go up in the elevator. Brandi calls Sundy out for having a child with a married man. Sundy tells Brandi to go take her medicine so she can have a baby. After that she heads back to the room where Jackie and Brittish respond with a mixture of laughter and shame. Brittish tries to go upstairs and mediate but ends up spilling the beans because Brandi never even heard the medicine and baby comments. Now that she knows she runs downstairs to try and beat Sundy but Malaysia holds her back and they cry together. Brandi says, “It’s b*tches like that who are able to have children” while she struggles with not being able to conceive. They end up not speaking with Sundy but the following day Malaysia tells Jackie what’s up: which is basically you wronged both of my friends and I’m onto you and Sundy is just as bad as you so bye.