Brandi Gets Real About Her Friendship With Draya

Brandi Maxiell hasn’t been shy her first season of Basketball Wives LA about her struggles with pregnancy and cancer, where she stands on Googling b*itches and her distinction between being friendly and friends. In the aftermath of Sundy getting that shiner at the fist of Draya in Palm Springs, Brandi opened up to Jackie and Sundy about how she is first and foremost friends with Malaysia but she and Draya aren’t really friends. Of course this got back to Draya from Jackie and after the Zombie Mud Run, Draya confronted Brandi about it and the ladies were able to put the friendship or nah? behind them.

VH1 chatted with Brandi about why she thought it was important to make the differentiation between being real friends or friendly acquaintances and about what she really thinks of Draya Michele. Check out our exclusive video with the Basketball Wives LA star and tune in for the reunion show Monday, April 28 at 8 PM ET/PT.