Draya’s Separate From The Basketball Wives LA Reunion

We have our sneak peek of the Basketball Wives LA reunion and Draya Michele isn’t even in the same room with the rest of the ladies! Draya, speaking separately with Shaunie O’Neal reveals that she always knew she was going to have to kick someone’s ass in Palm Springs and Sundy was it because there were just too many insults slung at her son. And Jackie was next if she got out of line.

“Jackie brought this fester, this disease of a person to us to do her dirty work for her. And she did it better than Jackie,” Draya says.

Sundy responds saying, “You wanna get your hands dirty and hide ’em, I don’t. I’m very upfront. So if you wanna call me the villain, call me the villain. I’ll be the villain all day.”

But she does apologize for involving Draya’s son.

But Brandi calls “bullshit” when it comes to that.

Looks like it’s going to be a dramatic reunion for the Basketball Wives LA. Tune in Monday to see it all unfold at 8 PM ET/PT.