Basketball Wives LA Reunion Quiz: What Do You Think Is Going To Happen?

After another tumultuous season we finally get see how it will all end on tonight’s reunion special of Basketball Wives LA. All the ladies return to recap the regrets, rumors, and ratchetness that aired on Season 3 of the show.

All six women, now divided with no sense of unity have some very interesting revelations, many choice words to say each other, and a group situation so explosive you might want to set your DVR’s.

While we can’t give anything away, see how well you know the cast and the show. Take our Season 3 Reunion Quiz, and see if you can to predict how it’ll all go down tonight.

See how this all gets wrapped up on the Basketball Wives LA reunion tonight at 8 PM ET/PT.

Who Will Have The Biggest Tear Jerking Moment Of The Night?

What Secondary Cast Member Will Join The Women On Stage?

Who Reveals A Difficult Time They Are Going Through With Their Man?

Who Comes To The Reunion Show Weave-less?

What Recent Life Changing Moment Gets Revealed On The Reunion?

Which Cast Member Admits She’s Rocking A Dress Worth $2000?

Who Was The Most Successful At Keeping Their Calm During The Reunion Show?

Who Gets Called A Devil And A Villian And Likes It?

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