Anatomy Of The Fight From The Basketball Wives LA Reunion

We are going to breakdown that heated fight between Sundy Carter and Brandi Maxiell you just saw on the Basketball Wives LA reunion show. So resident host John Salley asked Sundy about involving Draya Michele’s son in their argument in Palm Springs. Sundy said she was sorry she involved the little boy but Brandi called “Bullshit.” Sundy started yelling back that it wasn’t bullshit. John goofed off with the two screaming costars but Brandi had enough and pushed his hand away from her. No! Brandi’s all, you’re a fraud, Sundy because you talked about my kid too. Brandi screams, you’re trash!

These ladies are like, oh lawd, what’s gonna go down?

Sundy says nah, she didn’t. She continues to antagonize Brandi, “You mad. You jealous. Because you can’t do what I do.”

Then she pops out her seat and Brandi follows suit and John has to put himself in between the ladies.

Sundy is quick to get her heels off (drink!) and John has to put himself in between the ladies.

Malaysia gets up to pull Brandi back and looooook in the background. There’s Jackie getting her heels off too. (Drink again!)

Sundy wields her heels like a weapon. SMH.

Then Miss Jackie Christie gets herself in the middle. Brandi sits her herself down to get her shoes off.

Brandi runs from her seat towards Sundy’s side of the stage, throwing her heels into the audience. Watch out girl who is getting in the way!

Is this chick coming for Brandi or what? Don’t matter, Brandi pops her on the way. Catch a glimpse of the terror in Brittish’s eyes.

Brittish runs for her life. The audience rushes the stage!

Then this lady is all something-something, “This is my turf, punk-ass b*itch!” Who are you? You catch Basketball Wives star and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal in the pink and white skirt in the background.

Then Brittish is like, “When people start running up on stage? I have on a $2000 dress. I’m not playing…” Lorenzo is like, what happened?

Jackie’s pretending that she’s trying to fight, jerking her body around, yelling “I just need to breath up in this…I can’t breath”

And that you have it is a breakdown of the epic showdown between Brandi Maxiell and Sundy Carter. Who won?