Thirsty B*tches! The Basketball Wives LA Reunion Drinking Game

The ladies of Basketball Wives LA aren’t exactly about subtlety so when they go in, well, they go in and we don’t think this season’s reunion show will be any exception. So what better way to watch the ladies get down (and possibly throw down?) then to get a cocktail in your hand? Whether you prefer the vino, the bubbly, a cognac or a strawberry daiquiri, it’s a safe bet to assume that you’re gonna need a drink watching tonight’s show. Truths will come to a head, lies will be told and eyes will be rolled but at least you’ll have some Golden Showers brandy in your sifter to help you swallow the drama down.

We’ve created a ridic drinking game for your viewing party that’ll get you as drunk as Draya and Malaysia in Palm Springs. Create a fabulous cocktail and play along, we’ll have you seeing double. Just remember – that means two Sundy Carters. JK JK JK.

The Basketball Wives LA reunion starts tonight at 8 PM ET/PT. Read on for all the moments you need to drink through!

  • Shake your head and take a drink every time Jackie Christie says she’s not a sh*t starter.
  • Throw back your bubbly whenever the audience boos for one of the basketball wives.
  • Drink up anytime Draya Michele says Chantel “got passed to the homie”
  • Hold your cold cocktail glass against your eye anytime Draya punching Sundy comes up.
  • Sip, and repeat, for every pair of earrings that come off.
  • Down your cocktail if Chantel Christie does one her infamous pop-ups. Garnish with an eyeroll.
  • Take a shot for every pair of shoes that come off. Sorry, we are trying to get you drunk here.
  • Pull a swig from your flask if at any point Malaysia Pargo talks in, like, her “white girl voice.”
  • Refill your glass any time a basketball wife cries. If she needs a tissue, make it a double.
  • Toast Brandi and Jason Maxiell if they announce they’re expecting another baby.
  • Sip your champagne through a straw, Jackie-style, anytime Miss Christie refers to one of the other ladies as “Sis.”
  • If Brittish Williams talks about being the youngest, well you know what to do.
  • If Jackie brings up her “freaky” sex life with Doug be sure to chug.
  • You betta double fist if a member of the audience gets involved. Sorry ‘bout it.
  • If any of the basketball wives comment about how they’re rich and famous and stuff, you should definitely take a gulp but extend your pinky out, all fancy-rich-like, OK?

Oh child! Does your head hurt from all those shots (and from shaking your damn head so much?). Grab some Advil and take off your shoes. We’ll see you here this time next year. Bye, girl.