10 Things We Still Don’t Get After Watching The Basketball Wives LA Reunion

  • malaysiacrying

    Malaysia sadly explained that it was the lack of support from her husband Jannero Prago when dealing with the death of her brother, that made her send out the tweets that started the rumors that she and her hubby were getting a divorce.

    However, when John Sally asked her directly are they headed to “Splitsville,” we got the cryptic answer, “When we feel like it”s time for you to know, we’ll definitely let you know.”

    …..Huh? Look a simple no goes a long way…

  • bambiairguitar

    While Jackie cried and played the victim, Brandi broke out in a random rendition of a unrecognizable tune on her air violin.

    We were sooooooo moved that it left us wondering, what other air instruments can Brandi play?

    Would love to see her play the air harp, or maybe the air trumpet- – now that would take real skill.

  • jackieearring

    After Draya accused Jackie of only caring about herself, Jackie responded by telling us how she got ready for the show.

    Jackie asked, “Do you think I was thinking of Draya when I woke this morning and put on my Rosa Cavalleri shoes, and my boss suit?”

    Maybe not, but was Draya on her mind when she put on the non-matching diamond stud, and the black heart earrings?

  • proposalbrittish

    Lorenzo and Brittish taught us if you get accused of “dibbing and dabbing,” just make sure Brittish doesn’t find out. But, if you get caught “dibbing and dabbing,” you follow these steps:

    1. Get on stage and publicly apologize. 2. Buy an even bigger ring. 3. Propose a second time in red shoes, and pray it works.

  • fbomb

    Right before the anti-climatic fight went down between Brandi and Sundy, the two engaged in a heated argument where they both used every curse word in the book.

    Thier favorite? “F*ck” and it was said an estimated 32 times in one minute. These girls are professionals.

  • ladyfighting

    Brandy and Sundy were supposed to be the only ones involved in the showdown, but it seemed evreyone a ran on stage to defend one of the two ladies.

    One random lady in particular got held back like she was apart of the BBWLA cast, and caught saying, “You on my turf, punk a** b*tch!”

    Lawd, somebody come get their auntie!

  • brittishdress

    When things got explosive between Sundy and Brandy on stage, Brittish ran for her life, before dropping unsolicited information.

    “I wearing a $2000 dress, British said backstage.

    In the words of the late great Whitney Houston, “Show us the receipts.”

  • crodicletearssundy

    Sundy, who was happy to be villan, as long as she’s looking cute doing it, all of sudden bust our in major crying session at the end of the show for being, um, misunderstood.

    While we want to believe there is a heart underneath it all, Sundy’s tears left as soon as her foundation was being jeopardized.

  • malaysiabrandiehair

    If we all had a dollar for every time the Black Barbie twins touched their weaves, we would all be rich.

    Shed much?

  • arianemissing

    This season Ariane pulled a Carmen Sandiego – where in the world was she?

    After 2.5 episodes she went MIA, and if you’ve seen her or have any information on her whereabouts please call 555-1234.

The reunion special for Basketball Wives LA was bonkers! If you missed it, you missed a whole lot of tears and tempers from the ladies of sunny Los Angeles.

Many things were discussed like Lorenzo allegedly cheating on Brittish, just how much Sundy knows about Draya’s (aka Miami) murky past, and we think we were finally able to figure out whose side Jackie is on the Draya, Orlando, Chantel love triangle.

Among the zillion issues that were debated and even fought over at the reunion, there were still a few questions that remained unanswered and left us still scratching our heads. Click through the gallery to find out the top 10 moments that still have us bewildered…

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