Does Jackie Christie Know What Dating Is?

Some of the biggest drama this season of Basketball Wives LA has surrounded Draya Michele and Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel. Chantel told her mom that she was sort of talking to this guy who turned out to be Draya’s boyfriend Orlando. Jackie couldn’t resist sharing this information with Draya who was a bit confused at why Jackie told her this in front of Malaysia and Sundy at brunch. But it kept turning into “my daughter was dating…” or “Orlando was trying to date my daughter…” But um, Chantel said she was just sort of talking to him.

Rinse and repeat, this kept going and going and Jackie was all, “I don’t want to be in the middle.” If you need a refresher of just what went down, take a look at this very special video we made with all the Jackie back-talk we’ve come to know.

Be sure to see how this all gets wrapped up at the Basketball Wives LA reunion Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.