Whose Boyfriend Touched Brandi: Read Basketball Wives LA Tweets Of The Night

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Those Basketball Wives LA ladies are still chugging along. Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena already put Sundy Carter on blast on Twitter but that didn’t stop the rest of the cast from live tweeting their thoughts, opinions and insight on what we didn’t see at the reunion show.

From Brittish insisting those “chubby” comments only motivate her to Brandi revealing that Sundy’s 20-year-old boyfriend had his hands on her during their tussle, the ladies went in. Jackie, the resident not-sh*t starter, was relatively quiet but Malyasia was confessing that her cousins were turnt up in the audience and Draya even signed on to say that she got interviewed by her boss (Shaunie O’Neal) in her own home. LOL. These ladies won’t quit.

Check out our gallery for the best tweets of the night. You think Sundy’s man put hands on a woman or nah?