Get Ready For Season 3: The 6 Best Moments Of Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta Season 2 Finale

Tonight is the night it all goes down – the premiere episode of Season 3 of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. While we wait in anticipation for Season 3, refresh yourself with the top 6 moments of season 2 finale.

Scrappy Stands Up To Momma Dee
While in rehab, Scrappy talks to Momma Dee about his marijuana addiction. He tells her that she is one of his main triggers and causes of stress.

K.Michelle Announces Her Move To NY
While out to eat with Joseline, Erica, Ariane, and Karlie, K.Michelle announces that she is moving to New York. Meanwhile, Joseline announces her engagement to Stevie.

Will Kirk Win Rasheeda Back?
When Kirk buys Rasheeda a new car and a ton of baby gifts in order to win her back, Rasheeda tells him that she is still upset and needs space.

K.Michelle and Rasheeda Peace It Up
Karlie acts as a mediator when K.Michelle and Rasheeda finally meet face-to-face to discuss the huge blowout that destroyed their friendship.

Erica Gives Scrappy The Ring Back
Scrappy tells Erica that he wants to try and move forward together in their relationship, but Erica returns the engagement ring to Scrappy.

Stevie Gives Both Joseline and Mimi A Ring
When Stevie J gives both Joseline and Mimi “life partner” rings, Joseline is completely devastated while Mimi has the last laugh.

Tune in tonight for the premiere episode Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 this Monday at 8/7c.

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