Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 2 Sneak Peek: Stevie Lays Down The Law With Mimi

For two seasons, every single thing Stevie J. has done has been done with a wink and a smile, like he knows his life is serving a greater purpose, which is to entertain us all. But this week, Stevie gets serious when he confronts Mimi about her sex tape. After meeting up with Mimi, who cracks a few jokes to mess with him, Stevie shows that he’s not playing. “You think this is cute? You think this is funny? Ain’t nothing funny when it comes to my daughter. I’m about to lay down the law,” he says in this sneak peek. Mimi admits that yes, pictures of her sex tape have leaked, but she realizes Stevie is angry and isn’t about to tell him that she’s signed a deal to sell the tape. For THAT moment, you’re going to have to tune in.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s second episode will be presented at a special time, this WEDNESDAY at 8PM ET/PT, so tune in to see how this plays out tomorrow night!