“You Know You A Porn Star Now”: Top 15 Lines From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Episode 2

  • porndefault

    When Mimi finds out Nikko has plans to take a business meeting to see if they can capitalize on the “lost footage,” Mimi begins questioning her purpose in life. And technically Mimi, the answer to your question is yes. Once you signed on the dotted line, you get to add a new job title to your resume.

  • paybenefit2

    While Mimi has tears in her eyes, Nikko has dollar signs and tries to convince Mimi to turn their misfortune into money a “benefit” Hmmm, interesting choice of words.

  • mommapunani

    After Momma Dee puts Bambi on an egg hunt for Scrappy’s other women, Scrappy had to step to his mom and ask her to stay out of his bizzzniede. She responds by telling us where babies come from…and that it um, hurts.

  • lotionkirk

    Kirk admits to Benzino he’s in a sexless marriage. But Mr. HotTub should have known Rasheeda wasn’t going to give up the goodies after everything he did. He might as well get used to him and Jergens being bff’s for a lonnnnng time.

  • daughtermimi

    Although Mimi gave us clear concise reasons why she signed that porn company’s contract, should have “finding her dignity” been on that list, or nah?

  • karlie5

    Karlie Redd introduced us to her new love interest, rapper Young Joc and within minutes showed her insecurities have her acting a little cray cray. After catching him in strip club, she tells him about her rules of engagement. We wonder what happens if Joc gives 6 minutes at a distance of 4 feet…

  • fish2

    Not beat for Joc nicknames or games, Karlie puts it out there why she doesn’t trust him. Yes, she said fish. Wondering if it’s more tilapia or salmon.

  • devilerica

    After Mimi casually tells her homegirls, Erica and Ariane ,that she inked a deal to put out her sex tape, Erica questions just who she is calling her friend.

  • arianesideeye2

    Ariane didn’t wait for the confessional, or try to find the right way to say how she felt. She said exactly what a lot of us were thinking. Straight no chaser.

  • LayDownLaw

    After finding out about Mimi’s nudies with his nemesis Nikko, Stevie sits down to talk to his baby mama. He warns her if she doesn’t pull it together, he may have to file for custody. Now we know Stevie can lay down a lot of things, but don’t know if the law is one of them…

  • penispop2

    Mimi upset by Stevie’s threats, reminds him his past ain’t pretty. She’s right. We Google’d it.

  • socksSteview

    Since the meeting with Mimi was unsuccessful, Stevie decides to confront Nikko at the gym. But before they start fighting and hurling insults, Stevie gives Nikko a compliment… kinda.

  • womannikko

    An angered Stevie tries to investigate if Nikko was really the culprit in leaking the tape. Nikko responds by blurting out randomness. Wait Nikko, we thought Mimi was your woman? We’re confused.

  • richbitch2

    Nikko and Stevie go back and forth a million times about who has the deeper pockets before Stevie J turns into Nene Leakes. He let Nikko know who has the biggest knots, right before the credits roll.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 is just warming up, and nobody quite puts into words how they’re feeling like the cast of LHHATL. Sometimes we’re just amazed at what comes out of their mouths.

Whether it be Joseline’s incessant use of the word “shit-nanigans,” when talking to Stevie, or Karlie Redd telling us how Joc “throws it down,” the things that these ATLiens say either leave us shaking our heads or holding our bellies.

Click through the 15 most quotable one-liners of the night, and tell us which was your favorite. Catch the next episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Mondays at at 8PM ET/PT.

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