Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Didn’t Nobody Steal That Tape

Have you been wondering whether or not Stevie and Joseline are really married? So have Mimi, Ariane and Erica! On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the three women discussed where, exactly, the marriage certificate is, and on this week’s Check Yourself, Mimi expresses further doubt, asking “Where is it?? As much as these two love Instagram, that marriage certificate would have been posted all over the place. She would have made a f—ing dress out of it.”

Meanwhile, Ariane and Erica have major doubts about Mimi’s “business” decision to sell her sex tape to a pron company. “There is nothing ’business-like’ or ’business-minded’ as far as a porn tape,” Erica says. And Ariane thinks the story about the tape being “stolen” from Nikko is BS — “Didn’t nobody steal that tape,” she says. But Mimi has accepted that the tape is out there and thinks we all should too.