Exclusive: Mimi Says A Sex Tape Doesn’t Make Her And Joseline The Same!

Last night on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Mimi signed on the dotted line, and gave permission for the world to view her most intimate moments with boyfriend Nikko. While she says she was left without any options but to be a “business woman” and provide a better life for her daughter, her homegirls and Stevie J weren’t really buying it.

We talk to Mimi about the aftermath since the sex tape released, the first two episodes of Season 3, and how no matter how many comparisons people want to make, why she and Joseline will never be the same.

VH1: What we haven’t seen or heard is Nikko showing any emotion or devastation about this scandal. Has he expressed any sadness or regret about the situation at all?
Mimi Faust: Absolutely. Of course he would never show that in public, but yeah he had his moments. We’ve had every moment you could possibly think of.

Many say the sex tape doesn’t look “homemade,” if it was just for you two to enjoy why is the footage shot so well? Was there anyone else in the room?
No, absolutely not, that would be extremely odd. Nikko shoots videos, so he has a very, very expensive camera, he has a tripod, he has huge lighting equipment, like he has all of this equipment. So no there was no one else in the room, that would have been awkward.

You’ve said you were being a business woman when you made the decision to sign the sex tape contract with porn company. How much of financial come up is it?
It is quite a considerable amount of money being made. Money that will be made for the life of the tape. I will get paid for as long as someone wants to purchase it.

Stevie and Nikko almost got into fight because Stevie thinks Nikko leaked the tapes. If they were able to box it out who would have won?
I mean this is gonna sound like I’m just saying this because I’m with Nikko, but Nikko is probably one of the most physically strong people I ever met. Like his physical strength is insane. You see how he jumped over that fence?

We know you can be tough, but your friends, Ariane and Erica, and your man not getting along has to bother you…
It bothers me. They are my friends and he’s my guy, so yeah it bothers me. But at the end of the day they, especially Ariane, I’ve known her longer, she’s dated plenty of people that I didn’t like but that was for her to go through. If she was happy with that person, who am I to say I don’t like that person?

They both were also pretty opinionated about the deal you made. Erica said you might have made a deal with the devil…
Yes, some people that were close to me were very judgmental about it. I’m just not that type of person. What works for you, and what’s good for you I’m gonna let you live your life. This is my life to live. I don’t interfere or butt-in in their life. If I ask you for your opinion that’s one thing. But if you put your opinion on me, and it’s negative? I don’t need that.

Mimi, but it was only a few season ago when you were giving your opinion and being judgmental of Joseline and her past as stripper and involvement in porn. How is this not the same?
Two totally different things, completely. I am with my man, and I am not a porn star. She was actually that. So two different things. I had an opinion because she was actually interfering in my relationship with my man.

If I didn’t know that woman and she wasn’t interfering in my relationship I don’t give a damn what she did or who she did it with, but because you were doing it with my dude yeah I got something to say about that. You all in my relationship with my dude? If you call that judgmental then…

How are you feeling today about all the decisions you have made since the news broke?
I had to deal with this months before this got out, so I had already been through my emotional rollercoaster. From the breaking down and beating myself up about it, to finally feeling ok about it.

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