Pregnancies, Insecurites + Shiny Shirts: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 3


  • Mimimad

    Mimi was ready to beat Nikko with a shower rod when he told her he had told Stevie about their sex tape.

  • EricaPinky

    Erica seemed like she wanted to show Scrappy why they call her PINK-y.

  • LHHATLep3lead

    The face we all made when we found out Mimi and Nikko had a sex tape.

  • ericanewman

    We met Erica’s new man, the model – O’Shea aka O’Broke on double date with Karlie and Joc.

  • KarlieWifey

    Karlie revealed to Erica she wanted to go from Messy Karlie to Wifey Karlie with Joc. Yea, let us know how that goes. ..

  • ericasalty

    You offered to pay for bowling and then asked Erica for her card? Call Tyrone O’Shea.

  • ericapurse

    “Everytime we go somewhere, I got to reach down in my purse…” – Erykah Badu

  • RasheedaSaysNoToNanny

    Rasheeda’s face when Kirk said she couldn’t go back to work unless they got a young hot nanny to help out with Karter. Ohhhh Kirk…

  • BambiPregnancy

    Have a baby by Scrappy Bambi be a thousand-aire.

  • ScrappyHappyDad

    Scrappy showed all his veneers telling Kirk that he and Bambi were expecting a chizniede (child).

  • steviemad

    Stevie bascially lets Mimi know when it comes to Eva – one parent with a sextape is enough, two parents with a sextape is um, er, crossing the line.

  • MommaDeeVitamins

    Now that Bambi’s carrying the heir to the throne, Momma Dee changes how she feels about the Bambster.

  • video

    When cooking in the Jordan household be sure to wear a sparkly bedazzled top.

  • meetalthea

    Meet Althea – Benzino new boo thang, who direct messaged her way into Benzino’s pockets, er, we mean heart.

  • Kirkcheating

    Really Kirk you just got out of the hot tub, now you’re trying to get in the cradle with the waitress?

  • KirkDad

    Kirk the DNA test reveals when it comes to the paternity of Karter Frost, “You are the father!”

  • jeremihjoc

    That awkward moment when you are boo-loving, and your actual boo enters the room.

  • JockarlieArgue

    Caught “Redd” handed, Karlie still tried to convince Joc that somehow he was the one in the wrong.

  • endimage

    Tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

Bambi’s pregnant? Karlie Redd’s cheating on Joc with singer Jeremih? Will Stevie really try and get custody of his daughter Eva? Is Kirk really ready to cheat again? Whatttttt?

Quickly scroll through the best moments in of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 3 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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