Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Sneak Peek: Mimi Gets Proof That Joseline and Stevie’s Marriage Is Fake?

Still heated about her fight with Stevie J about the leaked sex tape, Mimi Faust finds out damaging information about Stevie and Joseline’s marriage and lifestyle from an very unlikely source.

When Joseline’s former talent booker, Dawn, holds a pow wow with Mimi to tell her how everything about Joseline and Stevie’s are “fake,” Mimi sits with attentive ears – especially when she finds out her suspicions about Joseline’s and Stevie’s marriage to be true.

What does Mimi do once she finds out that her baby father and his “wife” could be living a lie? For that you have to tune in to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT.

Do You Think Stevie and Joseline Are Really Married?

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