It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 4

  • JoselineAndStevieWeddingTalk

    Joseline and Stevie aka “Daddy,” can’t seem to the date of their marriage right. Is it June, July, or never?

  • MeetKalena

    Meet Kalenna, former member of Diddy’s group Dirty Money. No not the girl from Danity Kane, the other one. Remember? Yea, her.

  • DawnandMimi2

    Mimi met Dawn, Joseline former booking agent, in a cafe so she could sip the tea Dawn was spilling about Joseline and Stevie allegedly being broke.

  • BambiMiscarriage

    Scrappy almost has asthma attack running up the stairs to find out sadly Bambi had a miscarriage.

  • WakaAndTammy

    Waka’s just-woke-up-face scared the sh*t out of us, but seeing him and Tammy so in love helped calm our nerves.

  • KirkPlaysPool

    Who only asks one question when interviewing a random waitress to take care of their child? Kirk does.

  • StevieSideEye

    The face we all made when Kirk told the wanny (waitress + nanny) that their dealings would be “business, strictly business.” Boy bye.

  • MommaDeeSoup

    Momma Dee subtly called Bambie a hoe again, made her a miracle soup, and magically Momma Dee and Bambi became BFFs.

  • KarlieReddFinger

    Apparently this is the way Karlie Redd says she’s “sorry”. Yes. That. Happened.

  • KarlieSuckingFinger

    Um, it was a pretty long apology.

  • JocStupidFace

    Everyone’s face at home watching Karlie “apologize.”

  • KarlieStillSucking

    All of this in Red Lobster though?

  • JocReaction

    Check please!

  • DawnMakesitRain

    Stevie meets with Dawn to let her know she’s fired, and Dawn made it rain “bank receipts and deposits on that ass.”

  • TammyCryMeARiver

    Tammy tears up talking about how rough it was forming a relationship with Deb, Waka’s mom. Someone give this girl a hug.

  • DebAndTammyHug

    Oh, thanks Deb.

  • TheNanny

    The wanny plays with baby Karter.

  • KirkisDumb

    We would ask what Kirk was thinking, but judging by this dumb look–probably not much.

  • RasheedaConfused

    This it the look you make when you come in your house and you find someone you don’t know holding your baby.

  • WhatsGoingOn

    Well, well, well, what do we have here?

  • RasheedasFace

    Rasheeda had the “Set It Off” braids ready to Solange the waitress.

  • ShowingTheHouse

    Joc and Karlie are shown what could potentially be their love nest by Joc’s stylist/driver/real estate agent Khadiyah.

  • ItsAboutToGoDown

    Karlie and her insecurities tell her that Khayidah and Joc may mix business with pleasure from time to time.

  • MeetRealEstateAgent

    Sure fire way to figure out if a girl is after your man? Be super lovey dovey and wait for a reaction.

  • KarlieFight

    Boom! This is definitely what we would call a reaction.

Did Kirk really bring the waitress from the bar to his home? How will Joc explain his sidepiece to Karlie Redd after the fight? Are Stevie and Joseline really going through financial hardships? Did Karlie really do all of that in the restaurant? What’s going on this week?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 4 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch an all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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