Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa: “Season Two Is Like Season One With A Hint Of Crack”

During season one of Hit The Floor, we got to know all the characters. But during season two, we’re going to dig much deeper and learn all their dirty little secrets (and meet a few new faces along the way). Showrunner James LaRosa sat down with VH1 recently and revealed what’s to come on the all-new season. Get ready for hidden agendas, power grabs, and even more heat than in season one.

“Fans who loved season one,” LaRosa says, “What we’re doing is we’re basically giving them all the things they love and we’re giving it just a hint of crack — just turning it up just a little. This season really is about secrets.”

Hit The Floor returns on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th at 9PM ET/PT.