Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Smashing The Nanny

On today’s edition of Check Yourself, Kirk and Stevie are about to watch the scene from this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where Kirk offers his barmaid friend a job as his nanny. In this clip, Kirk does himself NO favors by referring to her as a “sexy little thing” (and giving Rasheeda even more fuel to add to his bad judgment fire). Stevie piles on, “I’ve had nannies that I’ve smashed before! You know…it happens.” Not helping!

Kirk keeps digging his own grave here when he continues, “I know she looked good, I know she shouldn’t be a nanny, but that’s the type of nanny I want to have around if I’m gonna have one. I want one that can motivate me, excite me when she walked by.”

Later on in this clip, Karlie and Joc address what went down when Karlie and the realtor/driver/stylist/tax preparer went at it. “I heard that she’s been sleeping with everyone in Atlanta. I’m sorry, I heard they both get around!” Karlie explains. Joc adds, “I shoulda stayed right there in that kitchen!” If you can’t stand the heat…