Exclusive: Karlie Redd Says Yung Joc’s What Is Bigger Than Benzino’s?

After a huge blow up between Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s newest couple Karlie Redd and Yung Joc, Karlie Redd decided to take matters in her own hands and put Joc’s fingers in her mouth.

After trying to make Joc jealous, the world watched in awkward shock as Karlie Redd as sucked on his fingers as a peace offering to get back in his good graces. Karlie chats with us and insists she doesn’t regret it, compares Benzino and Joc as lovers, and gives her reason for getting into the fight with Joc’s “friend” aka the real estate agent.

VH1: Watching you “apologize” to Joc last night was a a bit risque, do you regret that moment?
Karlie: No, of course not. What me sucking on my man’s finger? No.

One could assume what happened went down when you two got home. Who is the better lover Benzino or Yung Joc?
Joc. I’ll give him that, he’s definitely the better one.

But who has the bigger, um man parts?
I can’t believe (laughs)… Joc’s man parts are definitely bigger.

So is that why you put your paws on the real estate/stylist Khadijah?
He’s been telling me this whole time that they’re just friends and she’s telling me, “Oh hey it’s nothing were just friends, I have a boyfriend.” So, you mean the guy who you told me was your boyfriend was Joc all this time? So I just knew. I said I’m gonna ask her, this is my perfect time to ask her. Now she’s a real estate person, please, where’d you get your real estate license from, Target?

But why fight over a man that’s lying?
I said [to myself, ’Ok if this heffa tells me that she’s f*cking my man I’m going ham on her.’ She’s been around us since day one. So that means he’s been playing me from day one.

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