Exclusive: Rasheeda Says Kirk Isn’t The Only One Who’s Cheated?

Rasheeda Frost is one strong woman, or one silly one, depending on who you ask. After her husband Kirk was caught in his now infamous hot tub scene with the random “popcorn hoes,” last season, and this season involved in a suspect relationship with a waitress he’s trying to make a nanny – many of us are left trying to figure out why Rasheeda is still with him.

Rasheeda explains what she thinks of Kirk’s most recent shenanigans trying to find a nanny for baby Karter, her views on marriage and divorce, and reveals one of her own faults.

VH1: What were your first thoughts when you walked in seeing a woman you didn’t know holding your child?
Rasheeda Frost: My real first thoughts were ‘Oh this must be one of your little cousins or some shit that I don’t remember.’ That’s what I was thinking.

You did a great job keeping your composure.
The reason I didn’t go H.A.M is because I think sometimes you need to know a what a situation is first. I called it right because I don’t think she knew what she was walking in to.

Were you shocked when she said she thought you and Kirk were separated?
One thing about a man is that if they’re going to do certain things, you shouldn’t lay everything out. So I was like let me be calm to see what she was told. ’What was said. What was done? The reason why you’re here?’ Let me find that out first before I tell him to escort your little boney ass out the door. Even though I was fired up I felt like I needed to be grown though.

Are you two separated?
I think it’s always a possibility. Some people don’t believe in it and I’ve seen people who have verbally said they don’t believe in it and have been divorced. I think it’s something that can happen. You can’t really call it because you never know what could really happen. I just feel like with me I went into a committed situation, and now we have these bumps that we’re going through.

Not too many people would try to work it out after their partner’s infidelity was televised.
Although we have these bumps, it’s been hella years of just really great times and beautiful marital bliss to a certain extent. I feel like I’ll work on it until you ain’t go no more fight, and even if a lot of times you might look crazy, it’s all about your own heart. It ain’t what the fuck everybody’s opinion is about your marriage because people see those two minutes of a clip, and don’t see everything else that happens. They don’t know the mistakes the woman has made or anything like that and I’m not trying to take up for Kirk because we have been through it child! At the end of the day it’s about the person’s heart, and are you trying to pull things together and praying on your situation.

The mistakes a woman has made? Have you cheated on Kirk?
Not in our marriage I have not.

But you have?
I haven’t in the marriage. Things aren’t always perfect and people make mistakes. What I will say is I have not done anything in the marriage. [That’s why] the paternity test situation I really feel like that shit was totally disrespectful and pissed me off to the utmost. You know men do stupid shit because of insecurities within them. Not because of me. I haven’t done anything. When you talk to Kirk you ask him ’What has Rasheeda done to make you feel like you would need to do that?’ The answer is nothing.

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