It’s Just So “Confruzing”: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 5

  • piggyback

    The episode picked up right at the fight between Karlie Redd and Yung Joc’s side piece. We didn’t know a piggy back ride was such a lethal move.

  • salty

    The salty mistress look when Karlie Redd said, “I hope my p*ssy tastes good tonight.”

  • DriveOff

    Don’t really know why Karlie was holding a bottle of ’yac as she stole Joc’s car.

  • MarriageCarriage

    Bambi wanted to know when she was going to get her “shimmer” aka ring. Scrappy shut it down with the “I love the Bamb, but I’m not in love with the Bamb,” line. Ouch!

  • jtkiki

    Joseline and Tammy bonded over gossip and shopping.

  • pilgrim

    Joseline’s impersonation of Mimi The Pilgrim.

  • chatting

    Scrappy stops by to tell his friend Erica Pinkett about he and Bambi’s miscarriage.

  • pinkybutt

    So this is the outfit you wear when a guy comes over your house and you just want to talk? Girl, bye.

  • Ass

    “Ass. Ass. We need to see ass. A whole lot of ass.” – Joseline on the makings of an successful magazine shoot.

  • ringmissing

    Joseline tells Tammy how she should dress if she ever wants her tattoo to turn into a ring.

  • TammyReaction

    That moment you stop laughing and realize someone just threw a shot at you.

  • Creep

    While Karlie Redd, Rasheeda, and Erica sit and have a “Waiting To Exhale” moment, Joc creeps up from behind.

  • KarlieRedd

    Karlie was hurt. She pulled out the you-told-Harpo-to-beat-me cry.

  • mimispa

    Mimi should of just sent her friends an email blast, instead of having to explain the sex tape over and over again.

  • jasmine

    Jasmine, the waitress/nanny got some new hair and got cute on Rasheeda for second.

  • kaleenareaction

    The look we all made when Jasmine asked Rasheeda, “Will Kirk be joining you?”

  • Investigation

    Rasheeda got into her “C.I.A.F.B.I” mode, and interrogated the mess out of Jasmine.

  • Rasheeda

    The “I’ll drag you in this b*tch,” face.

  • Retraction

    Mimi and Dawn meet with Benzino to demand a retraction on Stevie J and Joseline’s marriage article.

  • roseandblance

    The face we all made when Stevie called Mimi and Dawn, Rose and Blanche from the “Golden Girls.”

  • royalpalace

    We’re sure Prince William and Harry have way more royal parties than the one Prince Scrappy had.

  • plotting

    Momma Dee points out in the horizon she may have spotted one of Scrappy’s eggs.

  • ShowingConcern

    Erica commented on Bambi’s miscarriage and all hell broke loose.

  • noIwasntready

    “Noooo, she wasn’t ready.” *Kevin Hart voice*

  • panties

    This would have been an epic fail if Pinky didn’t have on any drawers.

  • order

    Only Momma Dee’s first words of wisdom would be, ” You going to have to learn to control your B.I.C.T.H.E.S”

  • kissmainbish

    Bambi reminded Scrappy he should only worry about his main b*tch, after all she’s the one who rubs his feet at night.

  • LoveHipHopAt_NA_85096146_1418899

    Tune in next Monday @ 8 ET/PT!

Did Yung Joc come straight out and tell Karlie he was smashing his friend Khadijah? Will Bambi and Scrappy try and have another baby? What will Benzino do now that Mimi and Dawn are threatening him to make a retraction in the magazine? Has Erica Pinkett waged war on Bambi? What was going on this week?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 5 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch an all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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