Lingering Questions: Hit The Floor Premiere Episode “Game Changer”

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437659

    Who will win the power struggle between Sloane and Jelena?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437660

    Is Zero’s squeaky clean image a cover-up or truly real?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437666

    Do Jelena and Terrence still have feelings for each other even after the attempts of sabotage on his career?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437667

    Is Lionel going to shift her focus once she finds out about Coach Davenport’s girlfriend Raquel?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437665

    Will life finally cut German a break?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437670

    Will Ahsha forgive and repair her relationship with Sloane like she is with her father?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437674

    What devilish recipe are Jude and Lionel cooking up?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437668

    Is Kyle in too deep in her husband’s affairs?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437675

    How long does Terrence have left to play professionally?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437673

    Can the song selection get any better than Janet Jackson for future dance sequences?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437676

    Will Derrick really retire his player’s card and be one woman man for Ahsha?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437680

    Is the gig up on Oscar?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437677

    How long will Jelena show her evil jealousy towards Ahsha?

  • HitTheFloor2_NA_85118045_1437692

    Is that Mia’s barely decomposed body in the dirt?

Did Jelena try to get Sloane fired already? Why is Oscar keeping the fact Jude is his son a secret? Will Ahsha get her feelings hurt dealing romantically with Derrick? What’s Coach Davenport’s ex-wife Lionel real motive for coming on the scene? Are Zero and Kyle phonies? Will Terrence be able to play again? Tell us that wasn’t Mia’s body in the dirt, was it???

Not only did everything “hit the floor,” but ish also hit the fan. Quickly scroll through and find out the other moments of Hit The Floor that left us with questions, and tune in Mondays to get the answers with an all new episode 9:00 ET/PT.

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