Dean Cain Says Hit The Floor ‘s Coach Davenport Has A Few Things In Common With Stevie J

Actor Dean Cain is more than excited about the return of Season 2 of Hit The Floor, and chats with us how this season he has 99 problems and women are all of them:

VH1: If the show wasn’t called “Hit The Floor,” based on the plots and twists this season, what do you think good name would be?
Dean Cain: Man, if the show name wasn’t already taken I’d say Scandal, because it is scandalous, it is sexy, and it’s all twisted up.

So what are some of the scandals your character has to go through?
Well, a lot of love triangle stuff. There’s a lot of relationship stuff with Pete Davenport and his ex, Sloane, and their daughter Ahsha. Pete’s still married, and in the midst of the divorce, his ex comes back and he’s already dating someone else.

That’s a lot of women…
There’s a lot of stuff going on because the [sports] world is intoxicating, it’s sexy, scandalous and full of power…and that’s just the beginning.

With so many television watchers tuned into reality TV nowadays, were you shocked at all when you found out you would do a season 2?
You know, the world has changed dramatically since my first series Lois & Clark, back in 1993. Back then there were like three networks, and you had to pull 25 million viewers to be considered a hit. The wonderful thing about this show is we were able to pull good numbers and find an audience because it’s a quality, fun show. It’s well-made. It’s fantastically acted. And the people are sexy and still fun. I think we’re on the upswing. I was really happy when we got picked up again – I love doing the show.

When you’re at home are you watching any of the other shows on VH1?
I’m not a big reality TV guy. I’m really not. I’ve done a couple, “Stars Earn Stripes,” because I’m a huge supporter of our men and women in uniform.

What would your personal reality show be called if you had a one?
The Courtship of Christopher’s Father. There used to be an old show called, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, where it was a single-dad raising a kid. I am nothing if not a dedicated father. I’ve changed my entire life, plus my career just to be around my son and just to be a present father.

So you never caught an episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta?
Yes, I’ve caught it and I was like, ’Whoa!’ But, I see that stuff all the time. I’ve seen that in real-life plenty.

Your character Coach Davenport has a girlfriend, a baby-mama, and a wife, that’s reality show drama right there.
Yes, simultaneously. I’m telling you Pete is the new Stevie J, no doubt.

[Photo Source: Michele Crow for VH1]

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