“We Gonna Take It To The Lord In Prayer”: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Check Yourself Episode 5

“These girls have no self esteem about themselves,” Karlie Redd says about Kadiyah in this week’s Check Yourself. Pot, kettle, let’s not go there, girl. Joc’s face when he sees the two women go at it at the model home is pretty hilarious too, and as he tells it, “If Karlie wouldn’t have done all that, woulda chilled, let it ride out, it coulda been good. We could have left, had a little sex after that, got some drinks or something. But she was trippin’ so I had to put her on restriction for a little while.”

Later in the clip, Kalenna serves up that realness we now love her for when she watches the meeting between herself, Rasheeda and Jasmine. “Set yo’ ass down, put your hands on the table, and look down as you’re talking to me, ’cause I’m the queen!” she says. Bow down!