Everybody Loves Linda: A Look At Linda Perry’s Celebrity Collaborators And Admirers

By now, almost everyone knows that Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes has penned some of the biggest songs of the past 15 years for artists like Pink and Christina Aguilera. Both singers have credited Perry for bringing out something from deep within them and turning their music into something more magical, more personal, and pushed them to their outer limits. That’s exactly what Perry’s new VH1 series, Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, seeks to do with a group of new artists trying to make a name for themselves, and Linda is there to serve as their mentor, to shape their music and their careers.

Since Linda is such an inspiration to so many musicians, it wasn’t hard to find proof of how much she’s adored. We pulled together some quotes, tweets and fan-girly photos of celebs like Evan Rachel Wood, Christina Aguilera, and Margaret Cho, who have all expressed how much Linda has meant to them. Scroll through to see the impact she’s had not just on music but on people’s lives.

Evan Rachel Wood, who loves Linda so much that she’s been known to sing “What’s Up?” for her film co-stars like George Clooney and Robin Wright.

Margaret Cho

Pink, discussing her collaboration with Linda in her episode of Behind The Music.

Rumer Willis

With Pauley Perrette