Exclusive: Tammy Says “I Would Never Take No Marriage Advice From Joseline Hernandez”

When Joseline Hernandez said she doesn’t get along with females — she wasn’t kidding. Last night on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Joseline burnt yet another bridge with the new cast member Tammy Rivera. Tammy, who up until last episode, seemed pretty subdued, went awf on Joseline and proved you always have to be careful of the quiet ones. Tammy chats us exclusively what she really thinks of Joseline, and where their short lived friendship stands:

VH1: Why do you think it’s hard to get along with Joseline?
Tammy Rivera: I think she makes it hard. I’m very open-hearted with people, and all of my friends say I’m too nice. But, I give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t judge you. I have a friend who danced. I come from hard struggles. I know what it is. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. But, then comes the shady sh*t. If I can’t trust you as a friend, or if I feel like you’re jabbing at me or throwing shade behind my back – don’t take my kindness for weakness.

Do you think Joseline thinks you’re weak?
I’m not a weak woman at all. I’m just kind, and I don’t know what she took that as. But, I’d rather not be friends with a woman who I can’t trust, or I feel like is coming for me for no reason. It kind of makes me feel like she has some insecurities within herself that she’s not stable in who she is. Because if she was she wouldn’t have to portray herself that way.

Why do you think she’s insecure?
I’ve never been around a person that just sits there in the mirror who just says, ’I’m a bad b*tch, I’m a bad b*tch.’ Who are you trying to convince me or you? It was just weird to me.

Do you believe that they’re married?
No, I don’t. But who knows? I heard they weren’t. I know that their house is rented. I know that that’s not theirs. I hope that they are, and I wish them the very best, but I would never take no marriage advice from Joseline Hernandez.

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