Don’t Get Your Panties In A Bunch: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 6

  • Episode6Lead

  • roseandblanche

    Here come Rose and Blanche.

  • soveriegn

    In Stevie J. we trust?

  • ericacarfax

    Didn’t know a p***y fax existed. Now do you do the research online, or…

  • textproof

    Pinky pulled out the proof.

  • mommadeefierce

    Momma Dee sets up an “old fashioned sit down,” because “an even swap won’t be a swindle.” What? Translation please.

  • photoshoot

    We couldn’t stop laughing when Mama Shirleen called Kirk a, “ratchet ass.”

  • KirkRasheedaHuxtables

    Sorry Rasheeda, Kirk does not remind us of Bill Cosby at all. #NotTheHuxtables

  • joselinetongue

    Joseline had a slip of the tongue at dinner with Stevie J.

  • wakatammy

    Waka’s words of wisdom to his wife: “Hoes will praise rings, women love situations.” Um, that was real smooth Waka, real smooth.

  • DawnAllSheSeeIsSigns

    Dawn? “All she sees is signs, all she sees is dollar signs.”

  • mimiandnikko

    We’ve seen enough of Mimi and Nikko in a bed to last us until forever.

  • position

    Nobody wanted to stay in their position, Momma Dee just wanted to “hashtag the bullsh*t.”

  • ericahappyface

    The face you make to trick security into thinking you plan to keep the peace.

  • ericamad


  • fight

    Round 2.

  • louboutin

    Definitely missing the words “Christian Louboutin,” written inside the heel.

  • joseline

    Stevie didn’t want Joseline to get her panties in a bunch. Don’t think it’s possible in those panties.

  • rasheedaraps

    Oh yeaa, Rasheeda raps too, right?

  • tonyhey

    Heyyyyy Tony! Kaleena we see you girl!

  • rasheedakaleena

    Kaleena suggests a road trip to New Orleans to relieve Rasheeda’s marriage stress.

  • mommadeelead

    We think Momma Dee wasn’t playing when she said off with Bambi’s head. We’re scared.

  • theread

    Tammy read Joseline for filth, “You went from a stripper, to a prostitute, to a hoe.”

Did Benzino really say prisoners were going to love Joseline’s magazine spread? Will Rasheeda’s mother Shirleen ever get along with Kirk? Will Bambi really break up with Scrappy over his relationship with Momma Dee? Was Erica Pinkett really wearing fake Christian Louboutins? Whattttt was going on this episode?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 6 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch an all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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