15 Pictures Of Logan Browning Being The Anti-Jelena

Logan Browning Is So Good At Being Jelena, We Sometimes Forget She's Not Actually Evil

Hit The Floor’s Jelena Howard is one of TVs best villains, but she’s played by one of the sweetest actresses out there, Logan Browning. Browning is the anti-Jelena, in fact. She’s a goofball with a great sense of humor and, unlike her on-screen alter ego, she actually is very much a team player and adores her co-stars. Check out our 15 favorite pictures of Logan proving to the world that she is not the cold-hearted ice queen we’ve come to know, she’s a sweet southern girl who just wants the world to know she can be a dork sometimes, too.

  1. Dorking out is SO not Jelena.

  2. In case you didn’t know, Logan was an adorable child model.

  3. Jelena would have no patience for those Bratz comparisons.

  4. Jelena would hate Michelle Obama, there’s no room for TWO bosses in one room.

  5. Here’s Logan with showrunner James LaRosa. Jelena was never this friendly with her boss, Sloane.

  6. Logan and Taylour Paige actually like each other, unlike Jelena and Ahsha.

  7. Logan loves treats. Jelena just likes tricks.

  8. Yee haw!

  9. We love this girl’s lack of vanity.

  10. And another adorable TBT.

  11. LOL

  12. Logan has far fewer issues with her real life mom.

  13. Would Jelena pick her own nose? We think not.

  14. <3 <3

[Photos: Instagram]