15 Pictures Of Logan Browning Being The Anti-Jelena

  • Logan Dork

  • Logan Child Model

  • Logan Bratz

  • Logan And Michelle O

  • Logan With James

  • Logan with Taylour

  • Logan Bootleg

  • Logan Cowgirl

  • Logan Feet

  • Logan BTBT

  • Logan 3Day

  • Logan TBT

  • Logan B2

  • Logan With Kat

  • Logan B

Hit The Floor’s Jelena Howard is one of TVs best villains, but she’s played by one of the sweetest actresses out there, Logan Browning. Browning is the anti-Jelena, in fact. She’s a goofball with a great sense of humor and, unlike her on-screen alter ego, she actually is very much a team player and adores her co-stars. Check out our 15 favorite pictures of Logan proving to the world that she is not the cold-hearted ice queen we’ve come to know, she’s a sweet southern girl who just wants the world to know she can be a dork sometimes, too.

[Photos: Instagram]