Hit The Floor Episode 2: Can You Keep A Secret?

Ish hit the fan on tonight’s episode of Hit The Floor.

Not only did we get a sex scene in the middle of church confessional, but Coach Davenport delivered a left hook like his name was Mike Tyson. Ahsha and Derek’s struggle to keep their relationship a secret becomes an epic fail once Jelena becomes suspicious, all while Sloane’s seems to be way over her head in trying to catch a slimeball named Oscar.

See a few of tonight’s highlights, in case you missed.

Kyle Walks In On Ahsha and Derek
When Kyle walks in on Ahsha and Derek mid embrace, and Ahsha tells Derek that they need to keep their distance when in public so she can keep her job.

Derek Gives German A Warm Welcome
When Ahsha awkwardly runs into German at the arena, Derek and his jealousy joins the conversation in order to “welcome” German as the new assistant coach.

Pete Puts His Paws On Jude
After Jude makes some slick comments about his baby mama Sloane, Pete takes the bait and punches Jude in the face.

Zero Tries To Impresses Jelena
Zero shows up outside of Jelena’s home and offers her a ride to Olivia’s funeral, letting the sexual tension build.

Chase Gets Arrested For Olivia’s Murder
Right in the middle of Olivia’s funeral, Chase gets arrested for the murder of his wife thanks to evidence being found in his car.

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