Jelena Becomes A Two-Faced Monster On This Week’s Inside The Arena ?

On this week’s Inside The Arena, the web-only exclusive after show featuring the Devil Girls and the rest of the cast of Hit The Floor, Jelena Howard shows just how two-faced she really is (in case you didn’t know that already).

During Jelena’s interview with Devil Girl Maggie, she showers praise all over Ahsha for winning All-Stars and acts as if the two are great, supportive friends. And remember how Jelena got an inappropriate case of the giggles at Olivia’s funeral? Well, that dark, twisted streak continues in the clip when she’s asked how she’s dealing with Olivia’s loss, happily telling Maggie “Surprisingly, business is kinda booming…it’s been really good!” (Stay tuned to see what happens later when she asks for a second take.) The two faces of Jelena Howard rear their heads yet again.

Watch Inside The Arena for moments like this that you won’t see anywhere else!