The Dirty Details Of Confessional Sex And More: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 2 With Hit The Floor’s James LaRosa

Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa is probably the most invested showrunner we can think of. The man not only is the mastermind behind the guiltiest pleasure on television, but he’s also beloved on the set and something of a documentarian behind the scenes of the show. This week, LaRosa sent us some pictures from his personal collection, complete with some “director’s commentary” about the episode. In the following captions, you’ll learn how the confessional sex scene is even more blasphemous than you imagined, and learn some fun facts about the set and actors on the show. Hit it, James!

Jelena had no use for Zero minus making Terrence jealous, until he rescued her from her case of the church giggles with a proverb-packed speech of mass manipulation. Soooo off to this confessional they went. Fun fact: This confessional wasn’t in the church. Because of our schedule, we needed to place it in the cemetery. So not only was there sex in a confessional, it was also filmed on hallowed ground. Here I am praying I don’t go to hell. According to a Twitter poll after this episode aired, that’s exactly where I’m headed. According to one tweeter, “with gasoline draws on.” #sorrynotsorry

How sad is Chase Vincent? It’s like he knows he’s about to get carted off for Olivia’s murder (Oscar, what was that FACE at the end of the episode?). What’s significant about this photo isn’t that Chase is now a widower. Or that Rick Fox makes my 6’3″ ass look like a child. If you look in my hand you’ll find an ice pack. I somehow dislocated a rib and couldn’t breathe the entire first week of filming, and this ice pack was given to me an hour earlier when a chiropractor twisted my rib back into place. GROSS. And it hurt like a %$#@. So see, I did go to hell after all!

This is outside Jelena’s condo, which is actually on the Paramount backlot. These numbers don’t exist there, we put them there. 912 is actually is my birthday. Here I am lying in front of my birthday like an a**hole.

OH MY GOD HOW AWESOME ARE THESE THREE PEOPLE? Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Lionel), Brent Antonello (Jude) and Adam Senn (Zero) are amazing, as their scheming characters and as their own beautiful goofy sexy selves. This was the night we filmed the LACMA dance. The same night we experienced Jodi’s walkaway, something so epic it could be directed by James Cameron, and Brent’s ability to take a punch, something I should’ve paid closer attention to as Adam took to hitting me constantly over the next three months. I adore these guys. In this picture though, I’m only using them for their body heat since it was freezing as f**k that night.