Breakups, Small Packages + Scooters: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 7

  • Cheers

    Stevie J. and Benzino celebrate the upcoming grand opening of Sleezy and Zino’s bistro. Yea, bistro. They fancy.

  • StevieJ

    The face we all made when Benzino revealed he wanted to put a ring on Althea’s finger.

  • Althea

    Althea remembers she smashed the homie Nikko, but in her “past life,” though. Girl.

  • RasheedaTrip

    Rasheeda’s ready to get in her own hot tub.

  • Karter at Doctor

    The doctor validates Kirk’s web MD degree: Mama Shirleen should not be kissing baby Karter in the mouth. You happy now Kirk?

  • Waka RIP

    Deb, Waka, and Tammy share a sad moment reflecting on the life and death of her youngest son, Kay-O Redd. RIP.

  • Karlie and Kirk

    Kirk stirs the pot and finds out Karlie still misses Benzino. Go figure.

  • mommadeeonbike

    Tell us why Grandmomma Dee wants a scooter again?

  • IsItLittle

    After Karlie talks about Benzino’s package and says, “I can’t front I like small d*cks,” we all were lost.

  • KarlieGetsADrink

    Benzino milked these two ladies arguing over him for all it was worth, then this happened.

  • Waterfall

    Return the favor, make it rain.

  • Karlie Mean Face

    “I will never miss the d*ck. I don’t got to miss the d*ck, the dick misses me.” – Award for the line of the night goes to Karlie Redd.

  • Bambi Scrappy

    Bambi and Scrappy “joog cause it ain’t good.” Translation = Break up.

  • AltheaThot

    We find out Althea was “loving the crew.”

  • nikko

    Yes the entire crew. Stevie the bus driver. Nikko the porn star. Benzino the hopeless romantic.

  • Joseline and Karlie

    Joseline and Karlie meet up for gossip and come up with “Hoe-thea,” as Althea’s new nickname.

  • Nikko and Mimi

    Introducing Nikko and Mimi the “adult entertainment couple,” at their anniversary party? Shade.

  • steviej phone

    How you let someone look through your phone, when you really don’t want to let them look through your phone.

  • Joseline Face

    After trolling through Stevie J’s phone, Joseline find enough evidence to give the ring back to Stevie J.

  • endimage

    Tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

Wait, Karlie Redd likes small packages? Will Stevie admit to Benzino that allegedly he and Althea had a thing going on back in the day? Are Karlie and Joseline friends now? How long will Joseline make Stevie pay for his infidelity? Whatttttt is going on?

Quickly scroll through the best moments in of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 7 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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