Top 5 Must-See (Again) Moments From This Week’s Hit The Floor Episode 3

Tonight Jelena received more ammunition on Ahsha to use to try and bring her down, while Terrence makes a decision out of desperation that could effect him and his career forever. Lionel’s, Pete Davenport’s ex-wife finally reveals her true motives for coming to Devils Arena in the first place, while we were all left wondering if evil Jelena has what it takes to commit murder.

Check out this week’s top 5 moments that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice.

Jelena Can’t Stop Hating On Ahsha
After seeing Ahsha on the news, Zero questions Jelena about why she continues to compete with Ahsha.

Kyle Reunites With Pavle
When Kyle reunites with and old mark named Pavle she is shocked to learn that he is engaged to sneaky Devil Girl Lexi.

Derek Tells Ahsha That He Loves Her
After Derek sees Ahsha on the kiss cam with German, he keeps it real and tells Ahsha that he is in love with her. Meanwhile a photographer working for Jalena lurks in the darkness.

Lionel Wants Pete Back
Before the basketball game, Lionel reveals to Pete the true reason why she returned to the Devils Arena is because she’s following her heart.

Did Jelena Kill Olivia?
When Oscar and Chase both claim that they did not murder Olivia, they are left to wonder who did.

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