“Dropping Him Off At Walmart, Bai!” Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself, Episode 7

Kirk feels vindicated this week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Check Yourself. First, the Frosts take baby Karter to the doctor to for a checkup and Kirk just needs to know, can his baby get sick from Rasheeda’s mother kissing Karter on the mouth!?

Meanwhile, Kirk gives Rasheeda grief about going away with her friends. He’s concerned that the ladies are going to get turnt up and be taking their tops off for beads. Rasheeda is rolling her eyes and shaking her damn head, wondering why Kirk’s acting like it’s a big deal for him to watch his own son.

Rasheeda said he needs to put his energy into more important things like their relationship and trying to keep her around before someone else scoops her up. Watch the cast reactions now!