Behind The Scenes With Hit The Floor’s James LaRosa: Episode 3

Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa is probably the most invested showrunner we can think of. The man not only is the mastermind behind the guiltiest pleasure on television, but he’s also beloved on the set and something of a documentarian behind the scenes of the show. This week, LaRosa sent us some pictures from his personal collection, complete with some “director’s commentary” about the episode. In the following captions, he jokes about Valery Ortiz’s pronunciation of her fictional son Miguel’s name, and gives us a picture that demonstrates McKinley Freeman’s superhuman strength.

This is the glamorous tent where all the folk who work on HTF eat lunch when we’re on location at the arena. Look, there’s German and Kyle and Derek, all grub grub grubbin. This is also where mothers meet their 4-year-old sons for the first time! This is the moment Valery Ortiz met Jaiden Manjarrez, who plays oft-talked about but until-now-unseen MIGUEL. You have to say “Miguel” with a thick accent because that’s what everyone does on set. When Valery says his name everyone busts up. Now she does it on purpose. Fun fact: Jaiden is MY NEPHEW. Funner fact: Jaiden’s father’s name is…Miguel. I named Raquel’s son after him not knowing one day his son would play him. Craaazy.

Pete and Raquel, look out behind you, it’s a creepster! There’s no anecdote to this pic, minus the fact that I’m lurking like a Dateline predator. Oh wait here’s an anecdote: filming inside an actual private plane is a f***ing nightmare. It was so cramped that by the end I wound up accidentally pregnant. And I don’t know who it belongs to. #season3 #mymoneysonLionel.

Here’s me with the director of this week’s episode, Jonathan Frakes. You may know him as Riker from Star Trek The Next Generation. I know him as my heterosexual life partner. Here we are perfecting a scene between Kimberly Elise and Taylour Paige. Just kidding, we’re only faking in this picture like we’re working. ACTING! I’m pretty sure Jonathan doesn’t even know how to turn the camera on. Fun fact: Rob Riley (Terrence) took this picture. He’s an amazing photographer, with way better abs than Annie Leibovitz.

Here, demonstrating just how strong his legs are, McKinley Freeman bears the weight of not one but TWO grown ass men who thought it would be hilarious to jump on his back. Normally we’re working hard on the set of Hit The Floor, but this was a rare moment where we were able to act the fool and…ok, this is like every half hour around here, I have no idea how this show gets made.